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BDP: The Association of German Professional Psychologists

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1. Tasks and aims
The Association of German Professional Psychologists (registered association) (Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen e. V.) places its emphasis on the following aims and main tasks:
  • representation of and responsibility for all issues of professional psychology including the training and education of psychologists as well as the definition of criteria for good practice of the discipline (ethical and occupational standards)
  • lobbying government bodies, authorities and social groups as well as increasing public awareness of problems and questions related to psychology as a scientific discipline and professional practice.
  • providing information about psychological health care and services, psychologically relevant working conditions and the application of up to date scientific knowledge in professional psychology.

The association organises expert meetings and conferences to improve information and communication in professional practice and contributes to the development of training, further education and vocational training through its Academy. It comments on matters of psychological teaching and training as well as testing. The linking of science and professional matters is being taken care of through a federation with the German Psychological Society (DGPs).

2. Members
The BDP - founded in 1946 - is the professional body of about 11.500 psychologists working as employees in civil services and other settings , as freelancers in a private practice or as owners of consulting companies. Prerequisite for a membership is an academic degree (Diplom) or Bachelor/Master degree in psychology, obtained at a German university, or an equivalent degree from abroad. All members of the BDP are committed to observe the Code of Conduct and accept the control related to practising as a psychologist by the independent Arbitration and Disciplinary Court of the BDP.

3. Organisation
The members of the BDP are organised in 13 regional groups corresponding to the federal political structure of Germany. Academic and professional matters are represented through 11 divisions.
Currently the BDP has divisions in the following areas:

  • Basic and Graduate Academic Education and Continuing Professional Education
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Educational Psychology (School Psychology)
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Health and Environmental Psychology
  • Political Psychology
  • Employed Psychologists
  • Psychologists in indipendent practice
  • Psychological Psychotherapists Association under the auspices of the BDP (Verband Psychologischer Psychotherapeutinnen und Psychotherapeuten - VPP) representing psychologists working in the field of professional psychological psychotherapy under the 1999 state license law.
  • Traffic Psychology
  • Work, Organisational and Business Psychology
  • Student members join the Association of Psychology Students under the auspices of the BDP!

The BDP is headed by a Board of three members and a council which consists of the board and the chairs of the 11 divisions. They are elected by the main political body, the Delegates' Conference for three years.

4. Offices and Service Centres
The association maintains a head office and a service office in Berlin. In addition, offices of regional state groups and divisions exists at various locations. The following companies are affiliated to the BDP: German Psychologists' Academy, German Psychologists' Publishing Company and the Business Service including a Psychotherapy Information Service providing contacts to psychotherapists.

5. Networking and partnerships
BDP is a constituent member of the Federation of German Psychologists´ Associations and is networking with several psychological organisations as well as with non-governmental organisations, e.g.:

  • European Federation of Professional Psychologists´Associations (EFFPA)
  • European Association of Work and Organisational Psychology (EAWOP)
  • Association of Liberal Professions in Germany (BFB)
  • Trade Union of Employed Workers (ver.di)

6. Foundation for Studies of German Psychologists
BDP has established a foundation for the support of studies of German psychology students in applied research.

Further information in Englisch is available at the following sites: